Contrast in Ink

March 5, 2012

One of my favorite things to draw is people. I’ve obsessively doodled since a very young age (to the point that my family members thought there might be something wrong with me…there probably is) and always enjoyed drawing faces and people. Making up little stories and narratives for them. I am always intrigued at how little you can draw, but still represent a figure with an essential nature.

Comic – Zuby Ali 01

January 28, 2012

Comic – Zuby Ali 02

January 28, 2012

Comic – Zuby Ali 03

January 28, 2012

Comic – Zuby Ali 04

January 28, 2012


January 27, 2012

Comic – Click here to read the PDF

Farrah Khan and I had collaborated back in the summer on a comic about a character named Zuby Ali. Farrah wrote the words and I drew the pictures. This comic was the sample that we created and submitted when we were applying for our grant to create a larger body of work in partnership with dramaturge and art therapist Roxanna Vahed. ArtReach Toronto accepted our proposal and we are in the process of making more comics. This is a sample (4 pages in PDF format) of our first comic.