ComicYay!! Here’s my comic “House As Body” published in the 11th Dimension Press: Chilly Tales Anthology. I am elated.

I made this brochure for my friends at Green Zebra. If you live in Toronto and you like vegan food, you should check out Green Zebra Kitchen. They do weekly meal deliveries and their food is organic, healthy and amazing!


April 19, 2012

I like sending mail art to friends and sometimes artists and musicians that I am inspired by. Sending things by mail or receiving a letter is a dying art, that I am particularly invested in reviving. Toronto hosts an art event called Images Festival every year and they put out a beautiful catalog of all the events. I thought it would be fun to make a few collages from some of the images in their catalog to make my own images.

Wowee Zonk 4 Cover

February 27, 2012

This is the cover for Wowee Zonk 4 that will be coming out June of this year. I love this cover, it feels very Toronto to me.

Wowee Zonk is a contemporary comic book anthology from Toronto, Canada edited by Chris Kuzma, Ginette Lapalme and Patrick Kyle. Wowee Zonk 4 is being published by Koyama Press.


January 10, 2012

My niece and I having some fun in cold Toronto. Note the awesome colours of this montage.