This is an excerpt from the graphic memoir Tina’s Mouth written by Keshni Kashyup and illustrated by Mari Araki. I haven’t read it yet, but I really want to – especially since I am working on a project that deals with telling the true stories of South Asian teenage girls in Toronto. Tina’s Mouth is about a 15 year old girl, living in Southern California with her intellectual Indian family. She’s in high school and her English teacher introduces her to the writing of Jean-Paul Sartre.


March 3, 2012

I recently updated my website and posted this comic that I created with Farrah Khan. We found out that it will be published in Shameless Magazine in their Fall/Winter Issue of 2012. So excited! Check out our IZZAT Comic here.

Comic – Zuby Ali 01

January 28, 2012

Comic – Zuby Ali 02

January 28, 2012

Comic – Zuby Ali 03

January 28, 2012

Comic – Zuby Ali 04

January 28, 2012


January 27, 2012

Comic – Click here to read the PDF

Farrah Khan and I had collaborated back in the summer on a comic about a character named Zuby Ali. Farrah wrote the words and I drew the pictures. This comic was the sample that we created and submitted when we were applying for our grant to create a larger body of work in partnership with dramaturge and art therapist Roxanna Vahed. ArtReach Toronto accepted our proposal and we are in the process of making more comics. This is a sample (4 pages in PDF format) of our first comic.