April 19, 2012

A little drawing depicting pickled beans and peas! Inspired by the work of Preservation Society an amazing small batch preserve company in Montreal.

Preservation Society

February 12, 2012

This weekend I received an order of Caesar Celery and Rhume Rx from a small batch preserve company based in Montreal called Preservation Society. The creator of this ingenious and delicious Society is Camilla Wynne – a pastry professional and more importantly one of my childhood best friends! I opened both aforementioned jars when I got home after picking them up and they are both addictive and extremely yummy. (I’ve had a hard time not getting up every 10min to snack on yet another celery stalk or spoon out a little bit more of the sweet and sour Rx.) Clearly you can tell that I am overjoyed to eat these things and that Camilla is doing something imaginative and special with Preservation Society. You don’t have to take my word for it, foodies in Montreal and all over Canada are taking notice!

The other part of this is that I think childhood friendships are probably the first places that kids begin to try out their “weird” thoughts, jokes and artistic experiments. I remember that we were both creative little kids and would pass the time making radio shows, building forts, cooking and trying to make each other laugh. This was a really special friendship for me as a kid and continues to be as an adult. In part, because whenever we hang out I have trouble disassociating our childhood selves from who we are as adults and it’s a nice feeling to be reminded of who you were as a kid.