All Y’all

May 11, 2014


Suspended Animation

May 2, 2014

I’m sitting in class, the one I teach, thinking about desire—its nature and quality, it can be an all encompassing state to dwell in. One might be able to luxuriate in it if it didn’t demand satiation, but there’s something about staying with the felt feeling of desire, which is important and healing.

On the walk to work this morning, it struck me that fantasy is a form of prayer. A wish for a reality to be different than it is, even an imagined one. To delve deep into your own fantasy life is to commune with boundaries beyond your own. A fantasy is, in itself, the swelling of imagination; ideally it is a space or presence that expands into the consciousness of reality.

There are invisible threads that connect people, they are constantly getting tangled and stretched. Even when we attempt to sever them, they only grow longer, keeping us bound even more tightly to one another. The trick is to actively detangle them, so that we can fly, unencumbered, like kites from the Earth’s surface. High above the ground, we wave and smile, keeping each other in suspended animation.