Sophie Blackall – A Love Letter to the MTA

February 27, 2012

I loved taking public transit in New York when I lived there. Everyone in New York takes the subway or the bus regardless of their socio-economic class. It’s a living breathing organism that the citizens of New York rely on. I observed beautiful, tender moments, violent outbursts, attempts to spread the word of Jesus, Allah and Biggie Smalls. I had conversations with strangers about my life and theirs. I fell in love and out of love countless times on my rides in and out of the city. Sophie Blackall captures the spirit of the MTA riders in her illustrative work entitled ‘Missed Connections’ that is currently on display in the New York subway cars.

One Response to “Sophie Blackall – A Love Letter to the MTA”

  1. I like very much this “Missed Connections” work by Sophie Blackall. All characters are excellent, but the jew guy is absolutely amazing!

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