B&W Animal Cue Cards

January 16, 2012

The Buddha Machine

January 12, 2012

I always thought that the graphic that they created to market this product was very clever.

The Buddha Machine was a product that came out a few years ago. It was a small music loop player, the size of a pack of cigarettes that held a microchip containing 9 digitally-encoded drones that ranged in length from 5 to 40 seconds.

The Machine is a generative music device and the idea of layering loops of ambient sound can be credited back to Brian Eno who did similar work for his own installations, using tape machines. Eno was an early supporter of the Buddha Machine as a domestic technology.

Roald Dahl Stamps

January 12, 2012


January 10, 2012

My niece and I having some fun in cold Toronto. Note the awesome colours of this montage.

Japanese Woodblock Prints

January 9, 2012

The desire to comment or respond to what is going on around one seems to be something that is inherent in all humans (i.e. cave paintings, hieroglyphs, tattoos, twitter), especially upheaval that humans can’t control like natural disasters. In Japan the editorial cartoon became something of an art form. In addition to providing humor and social commentary, many of these editorial prints also claimed to offer protection from future natural disasters. Check out the pinktentacle site to learn more about Namazu-e.

In November 1855, the Great Ansei Earthquake struck the city of Edo (now Tokyo), claiming 7,000 lives and inflicting widespread damage. Within days, a new type of color woodblock print known as namazu-e became popular among the residents of the shaken city. These prints featured depictions of mythical giant catfish (namazu) who, according to popular legend, caused earthquakes by thrashing about in their underground lairs.

Suffragette City

January 9, 2012

Hyena in Petticoats is a new graphic novel by Willow Dawson about Nellie McClung. McClung was a Canadian feminist, politician, and social activist. She was a member of the Famous Five and famously petitioned the Supreme Court of Canada to recognize women as “persons”. Hyena in Petticoats looks like an amazing read and I can’t wait to savour the graphics.

Oliver Jeffers

January 8, 2012

One of my favorite illustrators is Oliver Jeffers. He works primarily in watercolour and his stuff is whimsical and awesome!

Manufactured Rainbows

January 8, 2012

An ingenious art+design installation by Christian Wassmann entitled TESTOSPEROM’. The description is taken from their website and edited by me.

This site specific installation is a refreshing triumph of life and a celebration of the elements. During the day straight lines of water intersect above a hidden garden in a 90° angle. They create an artificial cloud, which waters the wild flowers and the grass below. At sunset, with the light coming from behind the visitor, a rainbow emerges.

Sukiyaki was a a Japanese hit that became wildly popular in America in 1961, despite the fact that the song was sung in Japanese. It’s a beautiful song with a very soothing melody. The song was sung by a Japanese musician named Kyu Sakamoto. The song is about sadness and isolation; the original title means “I look up when I walk.”On August 12, 1985, Kyu Sakamoto died in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123. He was one of 520 people who died in the crash, Sakamoto was 43 years old.